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The Abyss is dedicated to Frank Mason, rper of Acotas/Dinsdale/Dr. Adam Lorne who left this life on 4/1/11 and Ali's Father who passed away on 2/10/12.


<----INTO THE HEAT---->

Spring is supposed to be the beginning, a newness...but I've discovered that this doesn't always mean things which are happy, wanted. Sometimes the new beginning means a loss of someone or something you love so very much that you don't feel you can live without them. Though that pain may seem like it'll never go away, it does, after time, so I've been told. A new beginning without someone is harsh, but if we look deeper into the loss, we'll see a tiny, tiny light which we must grasp onto in order to go on. This light may come in many different forms, maybe a child's question, a book you read, or something as simple as a kind word or a hug.

Allow yourself to heal and move into this new life with your head high, knowing you did everything you could. Continue to love yourself and others because to lose that is the worse thing you could ever do. You want to honor those you lost, those who were left behind, so show them you can. Rise up like the Phoenix, from the ashes and move forward with a blazing attitude and you'll make them proud. You won't ever forget them, never be afraid of that, because as long as you live, as long as their friends and family live, so do they, if only in spirit. But spirit is what actually makes the person. Hold onto that and live for them, since you can't live with them, and know they are still there watching you, caring for you, and loving you as they always did. They're not gone...they're just away

Remember, we've introduced a few columns JUST FOR YOU, our readers, to not only donate any creative writing, but to also send updates on events, roleplays, anything happening in your rooms that you'd like others to hear about. It's all for you, like "The Abyss" always has been, which is why we are asking for your input, in whatever way you wish.

Click on the "Email" button above and it'll open up a box which you can email any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions to us and we'll follow through, remember this is YOUR newsletter, therefore we need your input on everything, whether it be an article, one of our staff, or just something you'd like to see in general. Featured are "Oh Joy" and the Old Coot, who will answer one question per edition, so get your questions in to each of them and see what they have to say, never worry about being serious with either of them, you may be surprised at their answers. Let us know, and we'll get right on it. In the meantime, enjoy the newest issue of THE ABYSS.


<----THE DARK SIDE---->

On The Abyssal Plains

(Step Inside the Rooms)

BIOHAZARD NEW YORK-Owned by Reaper, Biohazard New York is based on the "Resident Evil" movies and takes place in New York, formerly a hotbed of drugs, crime, sex, and of course death, but what's changed you might ask? Throw in a hoard of unhappy flesh eating zombies, ravenous zombie dogs, and more than a few mutants, what do you have... one not so swell place to lay your head. Except for those that decide to make this their home; welcome to New York, the year is 2012 the not too distant future... for others well. This room takes place shortly after the incident in Raccoon city, at this point the T, and G-virus has spread all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The virus has begun to spread far and wide people are dying by the hundreds of thousands, see if you survive those Dark Realities of your mind.

CAMELOT REBORN-Owners Ali and Jafo welcome you to the lands of Camelot, a kingdom from days past set in early medieval times between 700 AD-1200 AD. Much is different about these lands for they are the lands of Mystik Earth. So if ye notice changes to the history and folktales ye hae heard, but do nae fear, for tis naught the Earth ye know. Enter, make thyself at home, but be cautious for ye art nae longer on thy own art in Camelot, Reborn. (There is one sub-room which is non-magical/more rt based for those who wish it.)

DARK REALITIES-Owners Ali and Jafo welcome you to the A world that we live in that is not based on facts and science but on things which we cannot always see, things which exist outside the reaches of our mind. Things like vampires, weres, ghosts, the things which went bump in the night but which were explained away by so-called science. Those items which we were always taught are make-believe, but which we swore we "saw" in the shadows of our minds, or just outside of the reaches of our vision. That which existed in the Dark Realities of our mind.

DEVIANT WHYSPERS-Owner Symphony Von Caine welcomes you to Milan, Italy during a time in which all the world knows of lycans and preternaturals, and they are accepted... even though they are not recognized as equal to humans, though with movements going on in political rings they are rallying to get equal rights and laws to protect them from Human Radicals who think they are an abominations of all that is holy and stand for to god. Though the immortals and preternatural have groups who think, why would they exist if they had not meant to be they were obviously created some how everyone agrees god made everything, that the pretense of the legal battles. . We are a place to RP where, everyone is involved, Lycans, Vampires, Deamons, Humans and other types alike can rp, without cliques, with no fear of being left out of the rp.* (room entry)

HAVENSITE ~ The Nexus- Join room owners Wren and lazwolf "where the world is a mirror, the world is a fawn, the world is an oyster, the world is the dawn. The world's never ending, and end never will, and ten decades on, it will be stronger still." Step inside Wolf & Dragon Tavern where all are welcome to join in the roleplays. Anything from fantasy to Mecha with doors that lead you back home, if that's where you want to go.

HOGWARTS: A New Era- Join room owners Angel and DracoThe battle has been over for a while now and Hogwarts has a new Headmaster,Lord Robert Falsworth, and of course Deatheaters are at the school as well. While Lord Falsworth is doing his job as new Headmaster, the aurors are trying to get him and the other Deatheaters out of the school. Now if the aurors keep this up then there will be another battle and someone could end up getting hurt or killed, so pick a side and join in the excitement at Hogwarts.

ISLE OF DARKNESS-With room owners Laudric and D'Andra Caine Von Caine, the world is a mirror, the world is a fawn.The world is an oyster, the world is the dawn. The world's never ending, and end never will, And ten decades on, it will be stronger still. The Realm is ruled by the Caine family a very old and powerful family of vampires. Who rule this realm, set in the 1200 to 1300's of Romania, Transylvania, with a firm hand and would have no problem in killing you.

REALMS OF KAELTWN-With room owners Zessazar and Sularr enter a world frought with perils, both good and evil prevail. A world slinking back from the great God's war, come...see if you can survive the perils ahead!

SUNNYDALE- Room Owners: Buffy/Adrastea and Angel/Devon. Welcome to the sleepy town of Sunnydale, where nothing is as it appears to be. That hot guy or sexy girl you just passed may not be what you think they are. In this town, demons, angels, vampires and all the things that go bump in the night, hide in broad daylight, or sheer darkness, depending on the taste. It would be in your best interest to watch your step as you move through the streets, and perhaps avoiding the cemeteries and alleys at all cost. In this town all bets are off and you become fair game. You think that looks like a nice club or restaurant? Be careful or you will find yourself the main course.* (Room Entry)

TORONTO NIGHTS-Owned by Wizard, this is a FF room set in Toronto. What are we like, just take a look around. From the rush of the day to the cool and calm of the nightlife, Toronto brings it all to you...but there are other things that roam the streets at night. Toronto, make it your place.

THE TURN-Owners Ali and Jafo take you to where it's the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, a time of change where a darkside awaits. A side where Jack the Ripper or Professor Moriarty lurk the streets of London. A time when Count Dracula and his king plague the night, however you may find a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen there to save you and sleuths of Sherlock Holmes to decipher horrible crimes. Set at the turn of the century, this room brings together the heroes and villains of that time period from movies, books, and TV, or your imagination. A room based on technology as well as supernatural. This is a FF room.



---Movie/Book Review---


By Ali

The Woman in Black directed by James Watkins and starring Daniel Radcliffe (yes THAT Daniel Radcliffe) and Janet McTeer, tells the story of young widower/lawyer, Arthur Kipps, who travels to a remote mansion to settle the estate of it's recently deceased owner. While there, Kipps discovers more about the woman then he'd intended, things which not only affect him, but the community nearby, resulting in the deaths of some of the children in the small village. Kipps finds himself blamed for the deaths, but only in a roundabout way.

While at the mansion he begins to discover things about himself and the former owner which seem to connect the two of them in ways he never thought would happen. The movie is filled with things which bring real horror movies to life, not the "blood and guts" type fear, but the "get under your skin" type which leaves you waiting for the next "event" to happen....or will it?

"The Woman In Black" brings you to the edge by keeping you involved in what is happening in the movie...the storyline, as you find out bit by bit what has happened to the woman and why her life ended up as it had. The beginning makes you wonder and draws you in to what will soon be occurring, and by the time you reach the end scene, you find yourself wondering, but in a way, relieved.

The movie was enjoyable to watch, but still, you had that "creepy" feeling throughout that real movies now days rarely give you, without the full-fledged blood sense. I enjoyed this movie because it didn't rely on the slashing and killing constantly, but then again, I love the types that work on the minds and the "expecting" something to occur...even if it doesn't.

I hope you get the chance to experience "The Woman In Black", and see for yourself what I mean, I'm sure you'll understand where I'm coming from. Not only that but you'll see Daniel Radcliffe in a different light than Harry Potter.



By Ali

With St. Patrick's Day coming up and discussions of the "luck o'the Irish", do you have anything you consider lucky?

ALI: I don't know if it can be considered "lucky", but my belief in God. I know my luck hasn't been the best lately, but without that belief I'd be far worse off.

CRICKET: I am SOOOOO not lucky at all. I am blessed....but far from lucky. *LOL*

GAISA: I used to have a pendant I kept as a charm, but thats about it hon.

JAFO: No if I can say I have any luck at all it is all bad luck. Though I was lucky to have found Ali.

MUNKEY: I'm not much for believing any certain item is lucky, but I do believe luck strikes everyone randomly.

RANDALL: I honestly nay think so. Funny thing is I use to have a rabbit's foot I think long ago but cannot remmeber. As for now nope....nothing lucky.

SYMPHONY: Lucky to have family, love of my life Clifton, and close friends.

VICTORIA: Jokingly ..Yes..the pants I can still fit into are lucky.....but other than that? No not really.

ZESS: My Good Friends give me good Luck


<----HIDE AND SEEK---->

By Cricket

Games/etc (Cricket);




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--Readers Creative Outlet--


As I walk along this darkened path
I realize that I walk it alone
Yet I'm screaming inside
Just to try and ease the pain
Sometimes I feel like I should cry
Until all my emotions have run dry
Though the river that would become my tears
Would only drown me in my sorrow and fears

I've walked in the shadows for so long
That now I only endlessly roam
Hoping and praying one day I'll find my home
Wondering how much further must I go
An unending thought that never fades away
Just like the shadows that linger by my side
This place is truly an endless night of despair
Yet still I whisper a silent pray

"God in Heaven, who art strong and wise I beg you now
Please give me a sign, please just let me know
When will these shadows of my mistakes fade away"

How much further can I fall
When I've already lost it all
Along this darkened path of pain its easy to see
All the broken pieces of me
I've broken from the inside out
And now I'm screaming so loud
Please lift this cursed shroud of my darkened path



--In Memory to those who've passed-
By Ali

This month's memorial is for Ali's father, a man who loved life, laughter, and all the joy life had to give. His voice was silenced by Herpes Simplex Encephalitis in the brain, Aspergillis in the lungs, and the return of a brain tumor which had been removed in October. On November 2nd, he was admitted to the hospital, tranferred to a second hospital for diagnosis of an "unknown disease" (HSE), and then taken back to the first hospital after the final diagnois.

Though he couldn't speak after the first month, but a few words, he spoke with his eyes; the way they sparkled and lit up at times. He would do anything for anyone, no matter what it took or the sacrifice to him, a very unselfish man. And though many prayed for a miracle, they didn't receive the one of healing...instead they got their miracle t in the fact that even with the brain tumor returning, he passed without pain.

He was buried on the Day of love, fitting for a man who loved so many, Valentines Day, 2012, surrounded by many, many people who knew and loved him..both family and friends. The stories he told, the jokes he shared will always be remembered and passed on through generations. Through him we discovered that even though death is tough, living is even harder.