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By Cricket

May's interview is with someone who not only is a long-time rp'er, but who also is a room-owner. She and Jafo run Camelot Reborn, The Turn, and Dark Realities, plus this very newsletter along with a whole group of people bringing you the news of many rooms around this realm we call virtual reality, so sit back and get to learn more about Ali.


1-cricket-What characters do you play and in what rooms?

Ali- In Dark Realities I play Abbygael Zacuto, Alisa Shanyn O'Bryant (CDOE), Amalisa Celeti', Amanda Darieux (Highlander) , Aurora Heaven LaCroix, Bela Talbot (Supernatural), Cerise Tiernay (CDOE), Chalise Trielane (CDOE), Chei (CDOE), Fawn Cayce, Krystal Exodus, La'trai Devonelle, Lucretia Xanitos (CDOE), Mina Blackraven (CDOE), Ruby McGallen (Supernatural), Sariel, Shai Burchanalud (CDOE), Sharyn Sullivan (CDOE), Sitri, Sorceryia, Susan Rodriguez (The Dresden Files), Talaysia, Tatjana DarSeraph, Dr. Trian Everwood;

Camelot Reborn-Arisa Stryler, Celebria Ozera, Queen Cheialare Kjaer, Mureen Chembryl, Nimue, Pagan Baliol, Qalhara, Sarrea LeCoer, Lady Serenia;

The Turn-Grace Stewart, White Dove Windfoot

2-cricket-Sometimes we create characters that are essentially us...the us we want to be anyway....and those characters come to life in a way that others never do. Have you ever had a favorite character? One that you would say you are most in tune with? Maybe it is not even one you are playing at the moment.

Ali- Actually yes, I've a favorite character. I'd have to say that character would be Cypruss Cane, he's the oldest character I have, and even to this day his personality is exactly like my own. I can play him and it just seems to fit perfectly but I'll admit that sometimes playing him is difficult because of the age of the character.

3-cricket-Is there anyone that you have rped with that you would say that you really aspire to be able to rp as well as? Here is the chance for you to give kudos to YOUR rp heros.

Ali- Not really, I want to be my own person because I don't like being like the "generic roleplayer", there are people that are good and all, don't get me wrong, but I would rather be a unique roleplayer. When I put my mind to it and really get into it, I can put in some good role play. When I first started roleplaying, I could put out "books" of posts, but lately, with all I've been through, I've just kind of lost that "zing" for role playing. I'm hoping that soon I'll get that back...but lately I've just kind of lost that. It's hard to retain that when dealing with things in rt that distract you from things in vt. You kind of have to step back from vt for a while to get back that urge to get back into it again. As for rp heroes.....I guess at the very beginning when I just sat back and watched others, I don't really remember, my brain went to mush during the time when my family went through the 4 month period of time while my Dad was in the hospital and we were watching him go through his fight to live and finally losing his battle..that happens and you learn a instead of rp heroes, I have a very important rt hero instead and he got all my kudos...maybe I should draw from that.

4-cricket-Through the course of our rping careers for lack of a better word we all have had rps that have made us catch our breath or our heart skip a beat or two. We get very involved in our characters.   I am sure you have some epic rps in your past.   Could you tell us a little about one that is close to your heart?.

Ali- That character would have to be one that I can't play because of the warped mind of people that prevent many rooms from allowing such characters to be played. She's a child character that I so love, one that allows me to be free, and just express everything I love in myself, the innocence, the expression, to just do everything and anything, without limitations...Nicoletta. Nicoletta is a ghost child that doesn't know she's dead, she'd go around in such a carefree way, causing trouble without knowing she was, and if anyone mentioned she was dead, she'd bring to the person the most painful memories in the most horrible way, without realizing she was doing it. She could be a very powerful foe without even knowing she was, and yet her innocence was so adorable. But because people tend to think that everyone will take advantage of a child, I'm never allowed to rp her and that's so frustrating. She is my very favorite character of all time, and I miss her so much. If I could drop all my other characters and just roleplay Nicoletta, I would in a moment. I really miss her.

5-cricket-Do you remember your first rp Character?   What happened to them? Are they still around? How do you feel that your rp has grown and changed since then?

Ali- I think my first rp character, though I can't be 100% sure, was one set in the civil war period, she lived in a mansion with a family, she was a early 20's type southern girl and was a vampire. I remember the mansion had this huge staircase, and in the backyard was a swamp area you had to go through this pathway to this shed and I remember in one roleplay her running down this pathway while someone was chasing her, to get to this shed, and when she arrived there was a dead body in there that came to life...funny the things you remember. *L* I also had a ghost character in that time too, and it was during that period of time I ran into the Solurex gang and made a Solurex character, becoming Ravan Solurex's first Cylde.

6-cricket-How do you feel about relationship rp? Are any of your characters intimately involved with another. That doesn't mean necessarily sexual.

Ali- The way I feel about becoming involved with another in a relationship is long as you're sure you can handle it, meaning knowing you may one day break up, the relationship may not last and heartbreak will be involved, then sure, go ahead. Know that things aren't always forever, sure some do work out, but not always. Online relationships can be helpful, can last, I'm not saying they don't, but for the most part they fall apart due to so many things, it's a very trying thing, so many aspects come between them. I have many characters involved with one another as many know, and we've had many times that others have tried to break us apart, yet they've held together, and a very long time too. You have got to be prepared for this to happen, and trust is a huge factor.

7-cricket-So..upcoming you have any plans? Any plans for any new characters?

Well, we're planning on ending the current roleplay involving the zombies very soon, in fact it's winding down now, as for upcoming ones....I'm not sure, we're kind of keeping that secret. I'd thought of something, but right now it escapes my mind....or is it that I'm just keeping it secret.... *sly smile*. As for new characters.... ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!! Did you happen to see my list of characters??? *laughing* Jafo keeps asking me to make another character and I keep telling him I'm going to start killing off all my characters and starting off with just one, I only wanted one character to begin with, now look at how many I have..some days I really regret it, I forget who goes with what one of his, and who is involved with what storyline...I swear I'm losing my mind at times.

8-cricket-Can you tell us a little bit about the you out of character. Where in the world do you live? What do you do? What do you enjoy? Anything at all that you feel you can share with our readers about you the person and your other awesome characters.

Ali- Sure, I live on Earth, currently I've been coping with the death of my Dad which has been extremely hard on Dad was my hero, my best friend and I've never had to go through anything so hard before in my life. I miss his laughter, his joking around, his zest for life. I sat by his side when he passed away and held his hand, and I miss him so much. There are days when I just wish I could talk to him and tell him how everything is, but then I realize I still can, it's just that physically he's not here, I can't see the twinkle in his eyes or hear his laughter at the stupid jokes I'd tell him. But he's still here. I lost a friend and a cousin the same week about a month later and then a couple weeks ago 2 more friends in the same week. This past 6 months has been tough, but I still keep going on. Who would have thought a person could still move forward when the world seems to want to drag you down. I guess when you believe in God, life, that you find a way, and I do. That's what gets me through. I found strength in my Dad, in how he was, and I know that I have more that I got from him, I discover that, and I know that without all he gave to me, I wouldn't have gotten this far. I love him so much for that and thank him with all my heart, and all my soul.

9-cricket-Thank you for letting me interview you...and as a final question...what advice would you pass on to a person just starting out rping?

Ali- Never give up, no matter hard dark the path seems, keep moving forward through the forest, searching for that glimmer of light because it's out there. Close your eyes, breathe the air, and move forward, listening for that tiny voice that leads your forward into the warmth of a friends smile, because that is what will bring you through.



---Roleplay Updates---

By Room Owners

<--CAMELOT REBORN: There has been little to no change in the lands of Camelot.

<--DARK REALITIES: In a first meeting between Rachael and Rex the two meet when each seemed to have slipped into some portal and ended up in the mysterious Isle of Abraxas. It took Rex a lot of convincing Rachael that going into the jungle towards a seemingly empty and deserted bunker so he could check it out was the best course of action. (For more DR rp, see "The Turn", below)

<--DARK TWILIGHTS: In a combined room rp, the god, Hepker, has appeared in Chicago and the dead are starting to rise as undead. Many of the residents have run across the zombies to include the Winchester boys, Sam and Dean, as well as Bela. In their meeting with Gabriel, he claimed to have arranged to keep the brothers apart and tried to keep them out of Chicago. Hepker has, since making land fall, killed a few angels that have come in his way. Though in combat with Beylin and Sariel he did not kill them as Gabriel had also joined in the fight, but he had infected Beylin with the plague of "undeath". In an effort to save Beylin they started out on a search for Ruby and Sean. Sean had been the one who had cast a spell upon Beylin and removed the curse before he turned. Heracles searched out Aurora and has taken her and all her family up to Olympus to keep them safe from what is occurring now on Earth and the situation with Hepker.

<--DEVIANT WHYSPERS: In a very romantic gesture, Naji Fuer'yon asks Lesdera to marry him...and her answer is "I would be honored Naji, yes".

<--HOGWARTS: A NEW ERA: DJ Malfoy meets Abigail Black in a very unusual...and embarrassing way, mistaking her for his own twin sister.

<--THE TURN: With the rise of the capital city of Atlantis in the middle of the Sahara Desert and the appearance of Merlin there seems to be a change in the air. What is that change and is it only linked to this time/land or is it linked to something far greater that has yet to rear it's ugly head?



By Room Owners


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By Ali


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